MODIFIKASI Motor HDT 670cc JP8 M1030-M2 | Motor Perang Bisa Nenggak 7 Jenis BBM

MODIFIKASI Motor HDT 670cc JP8 M1030-M2 | Motor Perang Bisa Nenggak 7 Jenis BBM

American-made military vehicles have always made special. Not only combat vehicles like tanks and Humvee is ready to deal with the enemy. Military motorcycles were given more abilities.

One of them is in a military special-made motorcycle Hayes Diversified Technologies Inc. (HDT) that epithet 670cc-M2 M1030 JP8 this.

Although named a complicated and shaped like a motorbike ENDURO usual. But the ability of this motor can not be viewed lightly. Privileges exist on the ability of four-stroke engine with a capacity of 670 cc single cylinder capable of taking his seven different types of fuel oil.

Starting from the special fuel JP8 jet engines, JP5 and JP4. Then, fuel and aircraft type Avtur JET-A1. And incredibly, this motor is also capable of using fuel type Diesel and Biodiesel. No wonder with his ability to exceptional fuel consumption, direct HDT patent it.

For personnel matters, the motor is capable of generating power by 33 dk and torque to 53 Nm reliable enough to penetrate the heavy field. Unfortunately this bike topspeed just stuck at a speed of 152 km / hr.

Another feature is the ability're cruising in a state of full tank that can travel distances up to 482 km. Then, the motor weighing 176 kg was also able to go through puddles as deep as 60 cm, which is certainly useful when on duty the wet tropical region.

In the land of Uncle Sam himself, motorcycles are sold with a choice of three colors was released at a price of Rp 167 million.