MODIFIKASI Honda Vario | Beraliran Japanese Style

MODIFIKASI Honda Vario | Beraliran Japanese Style

Want to know the modification skutik Japan like? Incidentally never go into the land of the Rising Sun, in October 2009, no one ekestrem modifications in Indonesia. Approximately figures such as Honda Vario 2007 from Surabaya (East Java) plots the results Andit Kurniawan.

Modification of the flow of Japanese big-matic, according Andit's cool. Unfortunately, in Indonesia has not been marketed. Hence, the idea emerged to make the Honda Vario 2007.

The focus of the early progress made on the framework and with bare feet the whole body and the second wheel cover, which must not be used. He then cutframework centerbone. Because, to make big-matic, one way to lengthen centerbone.

"Fortunately canterbone Vario has a single, so it's easier to extend the area," he said. How, after a given cut along the 25 cm pipe connections, automatic axle participate long to 20 cm with a retreat-retreat.

In addition cool body, another hallmark of the Japanese modification, tires are great. Here Andit wear size 7x14 inch rims wrapped in 140/70-14 tires for front and rear.

Success frame and legs, work is transferred to the body. In this sector, admits he took inspiration from two of Yamaha products, ie, Tmax and Majesty. To raises big impression matic, the chest should be raised. How, to use the main lights of big dimensions. Options, eventually fell on the Honda CBR900.

Be the first Japanese-style Vario Big matic