MODIFIKASI Honda Megapro 2000 | Custom Board Tracker

MODIFIKASI Honda Megapro 2000 | Custom Board Tracker

Not only in foreign countries there, modilover-country modilover children were also more crowded now a trend fever custom board tracker. The latest one coming from the eastern part of the capital Jakarta, Rifai Nurhasan with my '00 Honda Megapro his yard this time took builder confidence flagged N Joy 76 from Jogjakarta. | Tito / cand

Customized BOARD Tracker
The appearance of a simple, minimalist bald thick with the spirit of classic old school so plus points for the jack context Outlaw motorcycle style figure cool Board Tracker. "But of course we categorically do not upload, so surely must come up with a sense of Truly custom birth tuk visual aesthetic effect of a mascot for a custom board tracker" that stay firmly in Kp.Bulak Rifai, Klender Ja-Team.

Preliminary design of the project opened with a full frame new units. Raw material gas pipe basically rely on the schedule one and one half dim. The process is designed with roll technique blended with solid MIG welding. The concept is designed versatile curved and twisted sector with rigid tapered tail. Interestingly, at each meeting point between the pipe joints frames, pipes tide Slop as a reinforcement bolt construction that link sweetened L.

Somewhat confusing as well as how naming fork units. Fork is a combination of a certain model construction Springer combined basic construction style of the leading fork damping system relies on a pair of pretentious stakeup-side down the stern ex. variations duck / cub.

Bobber Wheels
Jack the concept of macho 'n cool, couples increasingly ignorant legs cool Bobber style. Backed up front circumference donut tire profile 18-inch diameter, while the stern of the more sensational with sycophants ring binder-profile 180/55-17 wide footprint. "Of course we had to make the circumference of the wheel velgnya ex tin cars lips widened diameter 17 inches" said Rifai.

Design setema body designed with frames. Bend smoothly with sharp and pointy-dimensional effect. Gas tanks are designed under the back bone pipe stem, the more sexy tank when the field of plate material was 1.2 mm was wrapped chrome. cohesive concept, designed single-seater racing with slicked body tapering tail also affix and fused together seater coherent.

Spirit of custom bike really adopted the team perfect by Joy N 76 Yogyakarta, the variety of parts made dewe with innovation no less trendy than the foreign builder. viewed style exhaust system under tail, attractively designed with silencers following a sharp-shaped grooves set seater, also featured a unique handlebars with my inner construction so that the appearance thortle appear without a piece kabelpun rehearsal.

Fork: Custom Made, HEAD LIGHT: Customized, discs: Megapro, MASTER-KALIPER: KTC, BAN: IRC & Battlax, Customized BY: N Joy 76 Jl.Kali Urang KM 5.6 Yogyakarta (085 643 423 081)