MODIFIKASI Honda CB 100 1973 | Ape Racer Minimalis

MODIFIKASI Honda CB 100 1973 | Ape Racer Minimalis

Motor modification Affairs, Yudi Satria greated deserves two thumbs up. The reason this Cirebon cuztom retainer Ape's famous steeds MODIF versed in the style Jap's Style or SoCal. But this time, Yudi café racer tries to flow. The reason is, "Might come up with something new, now again booming coincidence MODIF theme like this. Especially in Cirebon are still rare, so all want know here "lightly Yusa, greeting intimate.

In order to realize the ambition, his Honda CB sacrificed in the process of cultivating. Cafe racer modifications are simple and seem simple enough, so according to the motor base Yusa CB MODIF very supportive to this. "Inspiration, Honda Dream 50R cafe racer that has been embraced DOHC engine," said modifier in Perum Cempaka Arum, Jl. Roses II B-84, Cirebon

Because there are similarities between the base CB with Dream 50R engine, working process was so easy. And automatically Yusa not too dizzy in cultivation. Because almost all goods ori CB maintained. As right-left body cover, and tank coak taxable only slightly on the side of the rear. Medium lid, Yusa wear a Ninja.

Order part CB, taxable forced to cut about 5 cm. CB would form a compact and solid impression. Then, features cafe racer, is identical with the stern round and made a little puffy. However, at CB's this Yusa, even slightly resemble the stern like a form of helmet. If seen, very similar to the stern of the Honda Dream 50R.

For working processes, Yudi select use of the O plate material, 9 mm. The reason is, not easily broken, such as fiber glass. With the integrated rear brake light which is said by-by from a friend in Japan, now looked stern CB minimalist look. "For this MODIF times, call it MODIF Racer Ape Minimalist," said Yusa.

That sounds good!


Front tire: 80/80-17 Swallow
Belkang Tires: 80/90-17 Swallow
Rim: 17 inch DID
Sok back: Marathon
Calipers: CPI
Ape Kuztom: 08522-438-7676