MODIFIKASI Honda BeAT "08 | Modifikasi Untuk Agustusan

MODIFIKASI Honda BeAT "08 | Modifikasi Untuk Agustusan

The independence of Indonesia have reached the age of 65 years. Hendra Setiawan spirit of celebrating the Independence Anniversary this year by modifying the appropriate motor favorite shades of red and white.

Honda Beat devirate year 2008 this had indeed had a high nationalism and had to be different from the dominance of typical red and white Indonesian flag colors.

"Could be, fitting seven dozen houses I do not need to put the flag again, simply display this bike just in front of the house," Hendra told detikOto joke some time ago.

Just a glimpse is seen, the motor that is used everyday this Hendra does look fit and clean with strokes of red and white color that mingle with polished chrome in some parts.

Meanwhile, for the legs, Hendra entrust Works brand of shock in the rear to make the BEAT become more climb again. Both suspensions at the foot of the Japanese motors are then combined with matching rim radius and the disk of dense discs and calipers from the ATC.

Do not forget for a little narcissistic, Hendra Hens had put his initials on the side of the rear motor. "Hens abbreviation of Hendra Setiawan. Can not you a little narcissistic," he said