SPESIFIKASI Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 LC

SPESIFIKASI Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 LC

Duck male presence in the market is giving a new color in the universe of motor underbone (duck) in Asean. Because much of the features of previous duck, MX comes with more features. Equipped monosock radiator and cooling, these two points is always a priority consideration of consumers chose the MX. With the tag of playing in the USD 15 million, the MX as if to give more value for money.

Despite already having two variants of a duck, Vega and Jupiter-R-Z, PT YMKI so confident when releasing the motor which was developed jointly by Yamaha in ASEAN's manufacturer. MX, targeting different segments so that no predators for the relatives. Precisely MX became the scourge of other brands as well as prey on some of the sports bike market.

The presence of MX also gradually pattern consumer habits to the formal workshop. Because, it bears the technology is "forcing" the wearer of dependence with the formal workshop. Call it a somewhat vulnerable for yourself or tampered with street workshops, for example, the central few water temp sensor, engine temperature, rpm limiter and Throtle Position Sensor (TPS).

Accustomed to submit to a formal workshop maintenance, the MX engine can be maintained more properly on grip. Then how to care for Jupiter MX stepped on the age of six years? Here are suggestions Samsul workshop and spare parts division official Yamaha dealers in the region Setia Raya Kartika Kendangsari, Surabaya. pid

CAUTION rotation Handling
Jupiter MX impression Homestir practical, safe and smooth, with the use of plastic as the holder peloran home. However, in practice if not vet and treatment is rarely carried out, slamming the steering feels heavy. Overcome, the device must be required disassembling the steering handlebar and do checks on the level of scouring pads on the bottom peloran.

If confirmed still smooth and fine, wash it with gasoline and give pelor new type of lubricating grease.

Bushing monosock
If during this spiral and shock absorbers known Jupiter MX monosock stubborn and durable, it would not be an alternative one monosock lot when memodificated suspension. But the symptoms that often arise in this device is at the lower bushing on it. Where the rubber bushing is brittle. If it were so, so stability is reduced. This will be felt when being used by cornering, control monosock be reduced and the rear tire easily drible.

To gossiper, standard middle first, then climbed down the rear wheels by hand. If arising speeling, bushing monosock time do the replacement. pid

There are a number of sides which need to be considered at spur kitchen when he was already past five years. Among others:

Combustion chamber
Use 4 pieces valve as applied MX, indeed many advantages, but there are also drawbacks. Increasing number of valve leakage rates also produced greater. Because, usually caused by leaky valves tradition crust which landed on the valve seat or valve head.

When the ducks with a single over head cam leak rates are plotted by only two valves. So the four valves, the four were seized his chance crust. It's the same with the resulting leakage rate also increased significantly.

Early prevention can be done with diligent use fuel with higher octane, like Pertamax or Pertamax Plus. However, when the combustion chamber already filled crust, do the demolition cylinder cop. With the valve seat skir his birthday.

Yamaha claims that the piston can be used MX lasted five years. But it must be supported with the routine replacement of lubricants, in a sense can be made early. Thus context is closely related to the typical four-valve applied MX, where bursts of machine power certainly more aggressive. In order vibra received while riding down the piston in the cylinder remains coated with a decent engine oil.

Another factor, the capacity of lubricants in the MX machines are also important to note, that 80 cc. Therefore, the dimensions crankcase and clutch MX calter greater. With so much much needed engine oil. For backing up the components in the crank case and calter clutch.

Clutch spring
Although not yet time to be replaced, should do the replacement themselves. Because, as the experience of the world's road race, this device is nothing compared to the MX engine power boost. That means less than perfect elasticity clutching spring clutch plate clutch and brake clutch. Thus when using existing delay, when the time to move teeth done at high rpm.

For his alternative spring clutch can wear racing variant. It is important to apply for full MX clutch.

Let the air relief
Air Line MX karbu consumed too tight, great for cleaning karbu. However, to aid karbu enrichment process, it seems too thin air that is consumed.

Not to mention the filter is behind karbu, and design the cover of the dense body. Naturally fresh gas settings so dense. However, this condition is a power machine at top speed and better power. Handle, can be done by filter element give sufficiently. In the sense of supplying enough air to enter karbu and little chance of dirt. pid

Let durable cleaning cold WATER PUMP
As in the previous motor products, every motor that uses the radiator is always equipped with water pump. Given this device be used as circulation water to the radiator, then in its use of this device will easily filled white crust, the effect of the embankment water affected by the heat, which originated from the slime.

It is feared that this scale will occur at the waterpump seal cracks and potentially causing leaks. Thus should not fail to carry out clean-up device