SPESIFIKASI RR eSuperbike | Motor Balap Listrik

SPESIFIKASI RR eSuperbike | Motor Balap Listrik
American motorcycle manufacturer, Roehr, make a breakthrough for the development of two-wheeler industry. At last spring, they've announced the creation of a sports motorcycle racing and for electric-powered.

No half-hearted, three models are booked at the same time from now. Vehicles are called eSuperSport and eSuperbike and a model for race, RR eSuperbike.

ESuperSport motorcycle which has a weight of 179 kg fitted with motor-powered 48 PS. Stop system speed, especially for the front, using a model of a double disc with a disc width of 300 mm. 41 mm front fork inverted model. Battery capacity 5.8 Kw / h enough to travel the 130 km with a maximum speed of 156 km / hr.

Meanwhile, eSuperbike more violent because the two motors is supported by the PS 96 staff with a maximum speed of 210 km / hr. Clearly weighs more heavily, but not more than 250 kg. In addition, the battery capacity 7.7 Kw / h and can be used a distance of 160 km. To the rear shock absorbers, these producers rely on brand Ohlins.

Finally, the RR model eSuperbike, also equipped with two powerful 96 PS engine. Both wheels use a very light alloy wheels and Ohlins front shock absorbers.

Regarding prices, eSuperSport priced 16 995 U.S. dollars, eSuperbike 27 595 U.S. dollars, and RR eSuperbike 34 495 U.S. dollars.