SPESIFIKASI Piaggio MP3 Hybrid 300ie

SPESIFIKASI Piaggio MP3 Hybrid 300ie

Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Piaggio launches a hybrid version of their three-wheeled motorcycle, with a Piaggio MP3 300ie MP3 Hybrid. Accompany the birth of this motor as MP3 125 cc scooter hybrid that became the world's first hybrid.

Piaggio MP3 300ie Hybrid itself strengthened by the capacity of 278 cc petrol engine. The machine was then worked with an electric motor that can also be blended nicely with the CVT automatic transmission.

With unification, the Piaggio MP3 300ie Hybrid drives that has four modes is claimed to be able to release energy equivalent to carrying a scooter 400 cc engine.

Lithium ion battery can be charged when the motor is running, thanks to the contribution of energy from gasoline engines that they carry. However, the Piaggio MP3 300ie Hybrid is also capable of running with the use of electric energy made him a zero emission vehicle.

The battery contained in the Piaggio MP3 300ie is claimed Piaggio Hybrid is able to run the motor up to 20 km without starting up the engine with gas.

Meanwhile, to throw gas emissions, hybrid Piaggio MP3 300ie is estimated that only emit as much as 60 km per liter. This figure is almost double the efficiency is better than a conventional scooter.

Good again, batteries Hybrid Piaggio MP3 300ie apparently only took about three hours only to conditions up to full strength or when in a hurry, two hours is sufficient to fill 85 percent of workers Hybrid Piaggio MP3 300ie.

Meanwhile, for the price, Hybrid Piaggio MP3 300ie negoitabe only price 7990 euros or about USD 72.6 million alone.