SPESIFIKASI BMW Motorrad |Motor Touring

In Indonesia, a BMW is better known as a car manufacturer. However, outside, through the famous BMW car and motorcycle manufacturers.

BMW is renowned as the originator of the concept of motorcycle touring. Various models have been launched by the motorcycle touring company.

Well, for better hook lovers, a business unit of BMW motorcycles in the BMW Motorrad plans to be ready to produce motorcycle engined six-cylinder inline, namely K 1600 K 1600 GT and complete dentures.

The motorcycle engine of the motor take the base concept of the Concept 6 have ever exhibited at the 2009 BMW ago as derivative topspeed, Tuesday (07/06/2010).

BMW motorcycle party claims Touring concept offers more comfort to the rider. While for each condition claimed the bike is very qualified, because BMW has a very dynamic design combines aerodynamic.

To maneuver, the BMW K 1600 GT and complete dentures very lively though somewhat cool body.That's because the two motors that use a body made of aluminum that has the lightest weight, with 102.6 kg. The width of only 560 mm.

Although it does not explain the capacity of the machine that is brought, BMW says the engine can give off power to 118 kW or 160 bhp at 7500 rpm and torque
maximum at around 175 Nm at 5000 rpm.

As a sweetener the two motors will use the adaptive headlamps, adaptive xenon lights, which is first used on a motorcycle.

More special when peg entertainment features such as iPod, MP3, and has a USB connection, Bluetooth and satellite radio to be connected with satellite navigation.

Well come to Indonesia did not ? It looks like you have to be patient, because BMW has not stated when it began production of motorcycles.