MODIFIKASI YAMAHA V-IXION 2008 | Juara Jambore Nasional

MODIFIKASI YAMAHA V-IXION 2008 | Juara Jambore Nasional

Motor sport bike and streetfighter naked homage often shunned petite biker. The reason is a big power, handling will be difficult to control, as well as between the biker and motorcycle display will fall. The problem is long solved in the prestigious race on the MotoGP, Repsol Honda team rider passed Dani Pedrosa who was also bodied cute.

This Herdi Irawan try difollow ups. Armed with 170 cm/58kg posture, doi dare MODIF Yamaha V-Ixion with great views. "The problem is when the motor stops, I can not lose both legs simultaneously. However, when riding is no problem, "I am the man who was familiarly called Adie.

To realize the V-Ixion who sangar, Adie docked at Vanny Fiber Shop (VFS) on Jl. Sukahaji Kingdom, No. 114, geger bats, Bandung. Mismanto the owner VFS started first touch of the tank. "Design taken from Yamaha R6 tank. Basically the tank is a large V-Ixion, and the chance to mold Adie tank I already have, to stay constrained holder, "said Komeng Mismanto familiar greeting.

Streetfighter also requires a display strong legs. To compensate for the large rear tires, "Swing arm should see the stocky," added the modifier of this one child, coincidentally Vanny name taken from the baby.

Komeng implement temporary system in the arm. If you usually use screws to put a condom, this time only using a special glue fiber.

Tear down tail section is also taxable, the model still take around R6 2005. collaboration with rear lights Honda Revo.

Adie problem in this case did not want to be labeled selfish bikers. Selfish here means a single sitter, motorcycle streetfighter naked or indeed less likely to be used tandem.

Adie also Pasundan Bandung University student majoring in art music was drinking water while diving. This Cirebon original directly take the red part of two events at once. Turing and contezt.

"First come touring Bandung-Jakarta to attend the National Jamboree Yamaha V-Ixion Club Indonesia (YVCB) in Jakarta, the end of 2009 yesterday. Well as modifications to the contest and not presumed to be champions, "Adie's story proud. YVCB follow-up certainly proud, because Adie one of them.


Front tire: 110/70x17 Swallow
Rear tire: 150x17 Battlax
Headlights: Variation of Harley-Davidson
Exhaust: CLD
Front disc: CP
Mirror: Koso
Vanny Fiber Shop: 0813-2214-3316

Model: 3C11
Engine type: Liquid cooled, 4T, SOHC
Bore x Stroke: 57 x 58.7 (mm)
Capacity: 149.8 cc
Compression Ratio: 10.4: 1
Starter System: Kick & Electric Starter
Round langsam: 1300 - 1500 rpm
Power: 11.10 kw (14.88 HP) / 8.500 rpm
Torque: 13:10 nm (1:34 Kgf.m) / 7.500 rpm FUEL
Recommended fuel: Unleaded Gasoline (Premium unleaded)
Tank capacity: 12 Ltr

Recommended Oil: SAE 20W40 / SAE 20W50 API SERVICE SJ
Lubrication System: Wet Type
Total Engine Oil
- Periodic replacement (without removing the filter): 0.95 Ltr
- Replacement of periodically (by removing the filter): 1.00 Ltr
- Replacement Total: 1:15 Ltr

Type: AC 28 / 1
Brand / Made: Mikuni
Cam Chain: Silent Chain / 96
Tensioner: Automatic
Valve Gap
- Entrance: 0.10 mm ~ 12:14
- Exhaust: 0.20 mm ~ 00:24

Width: 705 mm
Height: 1.035 mm
Length: 2,000 mm
Seat Height: 790 mm
Wheel distance: 1.282 mm
Caster Angle: 260
Trail: 100 mm
Lowest distance to the ground: 167 mm
Net Weight: 114 Kg
Gross Weight (liquid): 125 Kg

Type: Dry Type

Type / Made: CR 8 E (NGK) / U 24 ESR-N (DENSO)
Spark plug gap: 0.7 ~ 0.8 mm

Ignition timing: 100 / 1.400 rpm
Prisoners pick up coil: 248 ~ 372 ohm
Prisoners primary coil: 2:16 ~ 2.64 ohm
Prisoners secondary oil: 8.64 ~ 12.96 ohm
Fuse (fuse): 20 Ampere
Bulb (bulb) headlights: 12V 35/35W, 12V 5W (Lamp twilight)
Bulb (bulb) taillight: 12V 5/21W

Capacity: 12V 3.5 Ampere