Originally this was the Yamaha Nouvo skubek old or known by the name Nouvo catfish. But, because it wanted to look up to date, Udin Badboy Badboy from the garage directly Custom Nouvo similar change clothes with clothes that catfish have a Nouvo-Z in 2007.

Although the design is much different shape. But a lot of application does not actually drain energy and thought. Because some of the cradle and the bracket is generally the same. But according to Udin, in some parts of it should be a bit of improvising and modified.

For example, for the front cover. For lights and license plate holder is different between Nouvo Sporty and Z. Because it is necessary to purchase the appropriate cradle of new lamp models. holder have sold in the store of spare-parts- Yamaha.

Although the seat had been able to but it still needs to be made into the saucer again that order. It is only in the front sector is rather a lot of homework to do.

As for the rear there is also a difference in the bracket for the second tail model of this type. Options for this sector is twofold. First, use the bracket that customed Sporty or recreate. Simple model, just sort of elbow-shaped iron plates.

Broadly speaking it is only two parts are a bit to make a fuss, front and rear. Meanwhile, for other body parts can be told just need a little touch. Of word here and there, can directly plug.

Despite its name no-frills Badboy, Udin actually includes men calm, not like cattle point. But, really unwilling to appear tawdry. It looks at finishing the body and used variations of the election.

"For the election of principal hues are tacky and crowded averse. Just let a simple minimalist look elegant," said a man named complete this Isbandi Udin.

Indeed, with this touch, skubek already stop the production of this elegant and luxurious impression. Maroon color that tends to blend a little soft black spray paint effects could make skubek appear sip. "Based on the concept that you want, stripping also created a minimalist," said proud.

increasingly cool when Udin affix a stroke or a stripping game in some sectors. As in the side deck to the stern and side cover. Udin's Badboy was now changed its image becomes Udin Calm.

Piss, Bro ..!


Front tire: 90/70-14 Duro
Rear tire: 100/70-14 Duro
Front rim: TDR 1.85 to 17 U-shape
Rear rim: TDR U-shape from 2.15 to 17
Bad Boy Custom:: (031) 5026402