Work time is loaded in the aura of its business. It was clever of Lent Automodified modifier (LA), Probolinggo, East Java. After producing new works, direct mass-produced body parts of his work. As a result of this would be a promising business.

"In addition to comply with a request to the owner of the motor, behind this minimalist MODIF fee that is there business and political elements. Or in other words this is a business strategy," said.

Although the total look from front to back, all these body parts are bolt-on. That means ready at Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC. Because the goal like that, then the modifier is very concerned breket and suit when paired with a standard body. "Anyone who will be able to buy pairs, the" target man who also was fond of photography.

"The execution of the bodywork of this combination are quite little complicated. Obviously, because they have a lot of adjusting with the original body. If not carefully ori or even create an original body and bodywork so not matching.'s Why kudu more carefully and be extra careful," added the daily vocation Siwe days.

example while working the front deck. The concept is to move the lamp head position to the front deck. So, the work takes a lot of time. That's because the dimension of Jupiter's head lamp which tend to broad-Z is the cause.

So the challenge is, make the front deck was still able to fit when mounted and mated with the deck beside the original. Because later on, between the creation of this new front deck and side deck will continue to connect the engine cover at the bottom.

Not just only that, the next challenge also occurs in the side cover. "Cover again I still retain the original. Only, in the stern my bottom cut. Goal is simply just to come up with a pointed effect," said brother who shop on Jl. Soekarno-Hatta, No. 93, Probolinggo.

More and more sporty seats when made into a single sitter. that this is a fake alias camouflage. "It's only just cover the seat. It could easily be opened-pairs as they pleased," he added.

As a result of precision calculations, doi confident to make it in bulk. If indeed anyone is interested, just contact ONLY! Pairs can be secured ente own.


Front tire: 90/80-17 Battlax
Rear tire: Battlax 100/80-17
Front rim: Power 2.50 x17
Rear rim: Power 3.00 x17
Airs next: Gaz'i
Swing-arm: Yamaha Thailand
Handlebar: Yamaha X-1 set
Footstep: Yoshimura
Exhaust: Suzuki Satria
Lent Automodified: (0335) 422211