Join the community get a lot of the benefits. "One could add the reference modification workshops," open Herry 'Casper', one member of Cibinong Satria Club (CISC), which also garnish Suzuki Satria FU150 output in 2009.

The proof, while CISC will be touring to Bandung during the three days, Casper asked his friends, there is a good baseball modification workshops there.

"Turns out there was a good acquaintance airbrush workshop. And a subscription Bandung Satria Club kids, "he explained. So, it occurred to him, for all his favorite steed modifi it.

Sure enough, they reached the town of Flower, Casper baseball straight to the inn. In fact towards Bhen's Airbrush (BA), on Jl. Pasundan No. 67, balungan, Bandung, West Java. This workshop is held Mulyana Sumantri Rahmat, aka Kang Beben.

"Hello Kang Beben, what's it going? Kang, I want to paint the motor nih. Graphic motif, essentially follow the original color of ya! "Story of a man who lived in the area Cibiriung, Cibinong, West Java, as he recounted the moment give up his motorcycle.

After three days, a new face was sprayed with Sikkens paint finish. So that when returned to the city of origin, the appearance of six-speed motors transmit this has changed completely.
But so just it? Not yet! Because, he felt there was a less comfortable with his new look. What is it? It turns out the legs of a standard less supportive of the display motif of new clothes.

Finally back modification. Both rims replaced the original bar. The choice of rim radius gold-plated, labeled U-shape model Comet 1.40 x 17 front and 1.60 x 17 to the rear.

"If the front tire size 70/80-17 M1 use Comet. The back of the FDR Genzi 80/80-17 profile, "added Casper. Front drum was adapted from Kawasaki Ninja 150R, was in the back of the fixed standard.

To add a rehearsal and shine view, there are some parts that chromated. Start swing arm, front sokbreker, Footstep front-rear, kick starter, rear stirrup, triangle top-down, handlebar steering, front-rear brake master, front-rear calipers, brake and clutch handles, until the middle and sides standard.
Views are great, the engine was not touched, because by default it is fast Casper. Only apply CDI from BRT type dualband, and exhaust DBS. "Let me look no std (standard, red) really so!" He said.

"Oh yes, all workmanship is also assisted the club and my friends garage 4 Stroke Clinique, at Jl. Raya Cipayung, Cibinong, West Java. Starting from the search for spare-parts aftermarket, to dismantle tide, "the lid.

Boljug! (That sounds good, red).

Data Modification:
Bodi: Airbrush Graphics, Sikkens
DPN-blkg Tires: Comet M1 Genzi 0/80-17 70/80-17 & FDR
DPN-rim blkg: Comet U-shape, 140-17 & 160-17
Handlebar: Standard chromated
Sokbreker front: Standard chromated
Swing arm: Standard chromated
CDI: BRT dualband
Exhaust: DBS
Bhen's airbrush: 022-7049 7838
4 stroke Clinique: 021-9544 4550