MODIFIKASI Motor Harrier | 10 Motor Paling Liar di Dunia

MODIFIKASI Motor Harrier | 10 Motor Paling Liar di Dunia

Modification of motorcycle madness is not going to end. Various modifier around the world were vying to display their best works.

Well, here's 10 most savage motorcycle ever made worldwide in the AMD World Championship mat building a custom bike competition, as reported Visordown, Friday (7/9/2010).

10. Proto Slug, the French-made Fred Duban. Take approximately one year to develop this motor, with a total cost reached £ 220 000.

Merch engine capacity of 2200 cc, would make very great strength, and reached 130 bhp. Thus, when driving you will not dare to open the gas is too full, because there are also very light bike.

9. Ren Star. Created by Roland Sands American. He built this bike for three months, with a total cost of £ 80 000.

Taking nuances Cafe Racer, but still looks sporty. Ren Star reinforced with V-Twin engine 110CL Road Star Engine power reaches 110 bhp.

8.Harrier, created by Stellan Egeland, from Sweden. The design is unique, like without a head, making the motor was built during the five months this looks futuristic.

£ 60,000 cost, using the ISR Hub steer Harrier carrier Chassis HP2 Sport Engine engine, with power production reached 130 bhp.

7. Re-flex-tion, created by Kris Krome American origin, with costs reaching £ 250 000. Remarkably, this unique design motors only be made within 23 days.

Triumph T120 Engine engine used to power 49 bhp, which, though not as big as its predecessor, from the designs of this motor can make us ask how to drive it.

6. Ventidue, created by Luciano Andreoli Italian origin, who was not only famous with Ducati only. It took eight months and cost 60,000 pounds to be able to realize this concept motorcycle.

In addition to riding a crouched position, holding tubular steel chassis S & S 93 engine with maximum power reached 94 bhp. Enough to mess up the highway.

05. Lucky 7, American-made John Levey. What is interesting from the motor Lucky 7 This is because the creators inspiration rotary engine on an airplane.

Therefore, the total cost of £ 120 000, for a year with this bike made diligent, and is carrying rotary engines Rotec R2800. Having a seven-cylinder, with a capacity of 2800 cc.

4. Snatch, made by American Satya Kraus. It took four months to build, at a cost of £ 50,000.

The design is simple but with a Shovelhead engine / Evo the arms, making a very gahar stored energy, which reached 100 bhp.

3. Speed Junky, by the Germans, Tobias Guckel. At a cost of £ 200 000 and 6 weeks old craftsmanship, this eccentric motor for speed junkies.

Indian carry-powered 96 bhp engine, the wheel design that is only supported by limping or just next to the fork on the front or rear wheels.

02. Bender, artificial Motkov Dmitry Russian origin. The design is very American, with a long three-year workmanship and cost £ 130,000.

Using engine-powered Revtec 100CL 105 bhp, which apparently must be muted with a good speed with brake devices that rely on the sprocket wheel behind it.

1. Black Beauty, American-made Roland Sands, which is inspired from a helicopter that can be applied on a motorcycle. Thus, when four months and cost £ 100 000 would be redeemed.

Harley Davidson HD machines donated 95CL, with estimated peak power reached 90 bhp. Using inverted fork and wheel circumference 21-inch diameter tires.