MODIFIKASI Honda Tiger 2003 | Tuntutan Profesi

MODIFIKASI Honda Tiger 2003 | Tuntutan Profesi

Want to have a macho motorcycle modifications but still the safety and appear authoritative. Handy brought this concept when vagrancy Honda Tiger A1 Modified modifications to the workshop in numbers Jl. Diponegoro, Magetan, East Java.

Handy profession as Members of the Air Force requires an authoritative performance despite the use garnish modification, "change the motor should be seen dashing to the concept of a full fairing modifications," said Abdul Aziz, the retainer Modified A1.

The result is the concept of agreed changes to imitate Tiger's Handy hang out Yamaha R6. Clearly, this change makes little fuss because the original Tiger tubular frame should be changed to deltabox.

To interrogate doi camouflage principle or system of condoms. "The middle order as the separator tank and fairing I made deltabox patch of fiber material," explains Mas greeting Doel akran Abdul Aziz.

The process seems too difficult because baseball is expertly blended Doel and print materials fiberglass. "The printed deltabox made thicker you will look like the real solid," said the slender, this modifier.

I'll live to outsmart the framework behind the stern position more driving like Yamaha R6. "Let driving, the original framework is bent and then added a longer pipe to connect to the rear frame," explained Doel again.

Finish business framework focusing on the progress legs. Let the more muscular rear swing arm to resemble an arm which had a model R6 banana. Simply relying on a standard swing arm which was then formed with the metal plate. Live swing arm design, detail, also made similar swing arm model Yamaha R6.

Sock front must be adjust disposable type upside down. Amazingly by A1 Modified, baseball needs to rely on front pretentious waste removable that cost a fortune. "I am a raft of standard suspension Tiger let it looks like upside down," explained a modifier which also received a suspension order is made locally upside down.

This solution can certainly reduce the cost of the order rather than upside down removable moge. "Let the funds be transferred to other parts shopping, so the look is more classy motor also so again," explained Doel who claimed to have cost approximately USD 11 millions.

Continue to business form the body. For this problem, Handy select designs follow the detailed version of the 2007 Yamaha R6. Deliberately choose this type deemed most appropriate because the headlights are applying removable from Honda Vario. The entire body is formed fiberglass material relied mainstay A1 Modified workshop.

Finally, let the kitchen more powerful race, aftermarket exhaust fitted. "Tube silincer chosen larger in order to be more similar to Hang out moge let me," lid brothers whose work often appeared on the national scene this modification.


Front tires: 110/70/17 Tire Deli
Rear tires: Michelin 130/70/17
Rim: Sprint
Monosok: Suzuki Satria
A1 Modified: 0812-340-8435