As a city full of art and culture, it's the biker, builder and enthusiast in Bali are really concerned modification of existing local wealth. This two-wheel artists do not want to just follow the world trend, but local elements must be able to give donations.

For example, Kawasaki Binter Bagoes merzy of this Custom. According Bagoes, the owner of the motorcycle world the virus combines seed in HD overseas magazines with elements of Balinese culture, which certainly also worldwide.

"That we can see in the motifs painted on the tank and sepatbor back," said the artist paints based on Jl. Daffodils, No. 30, Denpasar.

Artha Wiguna the owner of the motor wants to have Balinese sarong motif is very popular on the bike. "It's actually a simple motif, is not only just boxes. But of course there must be other effects derived from choosing this form," said Bagoes again.

If the Balinese sarong and white black box, hence the motor bersuspensi this rigid red black. "Also on each box is also a kind of gradation so that there are effects that lead to three-dimensional shapes," said again.besides growing modern element that is currently also applied.

"For the community in Bali when the motor is the use of paint with glitter effect again many requester. It is happening again in Bali," added the modifier is indeed a place hang out HD and fans of this great motorcycle. Local culture can be side by side with a virus or world trends.

Binter Mercy joined the black-robed enliven motor modification row displayed in the venue. Starting from the concept embodied in the imagination Anto, owner modification and the owner of the motorcycle-style chooper says, "I did this modification starts with imagination and left no input from my friends shop, so this chooper materialize," the firm Anto.

The first change that needs to be done in the context of concerns using "pipe wheeldeep" with a thickness of 3 mm. While support for good springer front suspension was chosen as the support of the motor to the body. Springer is the work of the fellow that flew mechanical workshop name Harum.

"This motor is the result of the workshop together with the scent, he worked on the project legs, springer and Footstep, while I prefer to concentrate to make the tank and chassis as well as other modifications," said the two children of this man. For the legs, the legendary motorcycle alloy wheels adopted from the car with the ring size 15, to make it look more macho. Whereas the right circle size rubber 170/15.

In connection with the kitchen runway, Anto still rely on the machine with a standard specification that has the capability of $ 200 CC. It's just to boost their performance, an alternative ignition and it's chosen unlimited CDI Suzuki Shogun 110. When asked about his victory in the National-scale event of this contest, the man said, "I am very happy and this would spur me to further realize the concept of the GS 250 Chopper"


Front tire: 120/80-18 Swallow
Drum: Cham
Rear tire: 120/80-18 Swallow
Sissy Bar: Custom
Tank: Custom
Head lamp: Waste moge Japan
Seat: Leather Chacha
Handlebar: Sportster
Sepatbor: Custom
Custom Bagoes: 0817-4720-523