Seeing her face, burst straight reunited nuances. LML Star Deluxe understand that this is a reincarnation of Vespa PX which have long pacing in the streets of Indonesia.

Just look at the overall body shape LML Star Deluxe is identical with the Italian motor output with a round headlamp and Sein box that appears on the front wing.

And the opportunity detikOto tested this motor prior to launch to the national motorcycle market.

Well because its shape is identical with the Vespa PX, for this affair does not seem to talk about anymore. That's why direct detikOto
LML Star Deluxe tested the engine for 4 stroke.

When I first rode the Vespa PX aura also feels thicker so it will not feel that this bike is the production of motor Lohia Machinery Limited, which first direct collaboration with Piaggio and Vespa and is now able to produce their own motors.

All attributes are very similar to the Vespa PX starting from a seated position, the indicator panel to transfer the location of his teeth were just as there ie jadul motor on the left handlebar.

When the key turned and the engine starts, kitchen runway capacity of 150 cc of arms with a gentle rumble. And when the teeth enter the alias passed to the front teeth first, LML 150 with responsive. Power was even a new bike
located in the lower rounds.

And when the left handlebar gear rotated to the back where 2 to 4 am, LML Star Deluxe power even greater feel.

Good again, a familiar vibration or vibration motors found in Vespa turns out not so long ago seemed on this bike. Similarly, with suspension that is also capable of reducing vibration caused by uneven roads.

Bringing this bike, riding a Vespa reunited detikOto as long. The maneuver can be done by this motor was also quite exciting.

The plan of PT Sentra Creative Commerce (SKN) will soon enter this motor with two options ie 2 and 4 stroke are not likely in the range of numbers price USD 19 million only.

"Now for those who want to look retro or reunited but baseball would like the Vespa motor that fussy old, this bike is worth at try," concluded President Director
SKN, Nugroho Tjandrakusuma.