Astra Honda Motor is still storing ammunition to defend the position. In number, reaching eight new models and the facelift to be launched until the beginning of second semester in 2011.

This is informed directly from Yusuke Hori, President Director of PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) in Jakarta. "Before serving in here (Indonesia) since last May, I served as planner products that are marketed in the ASEAN region, one of Indonesia. So I really know what the model is launched later," said Hori.

From May to June of this, continued Hori, only two new models are launched from a total of ten who had planned. However, unfortunately Hori declined to elaborate further what models will be marketed in Indonesia.

"Recently launched Scoopy and PCX. CBR planned next year," said Hori.

According to the news circulated, until the end of this year, Honda still has two new models that will be released. Both are substitutes Mega Pro with the new 150cc engine and Revo Matic is a new segment of the duck matic (betik) in the national motorcycle market.

Sales of duck are well mengenapi Honda sales Honda to 252,998 units during November and an increase of 9.74 percent over the same period last year amounted to 230,544 units. Honda duck is still the spearhead of Honda sales.

"In addition to good design, affordable price and fuel consumption is very economical to make a model Honda Revo Absolute cub with the highest sales in this country," said Julius Aslan, Marketing Director of PT Astra Honda Motor, in a press release on Friday (11 / 12).

Absolute Honda Revo currently marketed in three variants namely Spoke, Casting Wheel (CW), and CW Deluxe, total sales until November almost reached 1 million units.

Julius added, another variant which recorded sales in large numbers is the Honda Blade. While the two models Supra X 125 sold 53,191 units.

This dual-engine system is effective to reduce the heat in the engine so the engine temperature will remain stable, especially during traffic jams and travel long distances because of the position for the cooling air holes facing upwards. "So that reduces the risk of entry of water into the engine block if the flooding," said Julius Aslan, Marketing Director of AHM in Jakarta, recently.
In terms of design, Honda Revo AT appear at a glance resembles a motorcycle in general.

"We created a combination of motorcycle and motorcycle matik with consideration to market challenge for users who want to feel the practicality of automatic motors, but with a motorcycle engine such as ducks," said Yusuke Hori, President Director of PT AHM. Honda Revo AT AHM market with one type of cast wheel (CW) and three color choices with the price of Rp 15.8 million.

"When combined, all our cub model accounted for around 65 percent of total sales of Astra Honda Motor in November. Absolute Revo Honda and Honda Blade in Low Cub segment alone contributed about 41 percent of the total sales of all types, "explained Julius.

In the automatic scooter segment (Skutik) Vario Honda name and Honda Beat moncer enough. vario sold 44,862 units or 95.37 percent rise compared with the same month in 2008.

While Beat recorded sales of 44,574 units or an increase of 20.13 percent over 2008. Recorded sales figures were also included Vario Vario Techno. "So the automatic variant Overall sales of Honda in November contributed about 35 percent of total sales of Astra Honda Motor," explained Julius.

With a total of products mentioned above, means only six models to the market is predicted to slide. Then if the two other models are left? Honda-party meetings still have them!