SPESIFIKASI D-Tracker 150 | KLX 150

SPESIFIKASI D-Tracker 150 | KLX 150

Some time ago we already love leaks about the emergence of new sports motorcycle concept SuperMoto Kawasaki. In fact, we have also presented a description of specifications and performance for you.

Motor is none other than the D-Tracker 150 which had displayed PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) in the mat numerous early May 13 at Senayan yesterday. Embodies the trail version, namely KLX 150.

With so mean D-Tracker 150 is still equipped kitchen implanted single cylinder four-Not SOHC with a capacity of 144 cc of pure which can produce maximum power 8.60 kW (11.5 dk) at 8000 rpm and maximum torque of 12 Nm at 6500 rpm. The fuel system suppliers are also still the same, carburetors (Keihin NCV24).
Machines and the exact same frame with KLX 150. Just a difference in the legs and the final gear," Reiner M. beber Sitorus, senior manager of spare parts & service department KMI. If KLX pekgo using the front tire size 70 / 100-19 and 90 / 100-16 on the back, then on the D-Tracker 150 is replaced so 100/80-14 (front) and 120/80-14 (back).

Well, because they had the wheel circumference differences, the final automatically adjusted the gear involved. If the comparison carried KLX 44/14, then on the D-Tracker weighted so 41/14. So, no wonder if the ability to run both motors are quite different.

When acceleration KLX tend fierce round bottom to the middle and brief breathing machine, then the D-Tracker tend to sip on the windmill to the top and breat middle length of each tooth.

From the results of our tests, top speed of KLX pekgo can only penetrate 105 km / h, when viewed on a minimalist spidometer. Bo-bot with colleagues Mr.Testo 76 kg.

While the D-Tracker pointer still get stuck velocity (125 km / h). But if the real measured using Race Logic made in England, KLX could only reach 100 km / hr. While the D-Tracker to reach 110 km / hr.

Apparently, the change gear ratio also had an impact on fuel consumption. In normal use within the city, the D-Tracker tend to be more efficient.

"By way of driving in general in the occasional urban search top speed, the consumption of these motors can penetrate 36 km / liter," explained Mr.Testo. While playing in the figures KLX 34 km / liter.

According Freddyanto Basuki, marketing and promotions manager of KMI, D-Tracker 150 will be officially introduced to the IMA at the public events in Jakarta Fair (PRJ) in 2010 which will be held from June 10 until July 11 this. So for those who have not had time to see this bike up close in the event many all yesterday, do not miss the opportunity deh in Jakarta Fair