Every mechanic certainly have a benchmark in determining whether a measure in a variety of machine parts. Of course, based on research and experience that has been passed so far.

So do not be called speculation. All have the technical considerations. Like when modifying the exhaust or flue hole that in fact play an important role in the performance of a two-step machine.

"There is a limit of tolerance based on the trial so far, including the matter of theory, the" light of Conan, tuner flagged Alifka Motor with full jockey achievement, Eko Chodox origin of Semarang.

Before entering the exhaust modifications, necessary to understand an important note, the basis is, the Suzuki RG Sport specification machine with piston diameter of 54 mm and shorter stroke (48.8 mm) to create energy features quickly aka RPM for easy reach.

Referring in this context, the characters are plotted exhaust the focus in the run-up to high exhaust from the lip of the cylinder are measured at 23.3 mm with a trapezoid-like shape. As a result, everything is absolute in relation to each other to adjust the optimization step.

"Do not forget, the width of the exhaust is also no less important. This one I use the theory of Graham Bell footing where 76 percent of the diameter of the piston, "said Conan, holding up the book Two Stroke Performance Tuning.

So get exhaust the range of 41 mm wide. "Most Important dare to maximize the engine RPM beat down, especially at start up the first 50 meters. Should not be afraid. Here the key to a top-speed is well above average, "said Eko Chodox who had a best-time 7.8 seconds for the distance of 201 meters in two No class Duck Tune Up until 116 cc.

Again and again as the power effects that quickly before, the compression ratio is made a sufficient safety: where headcylinder sized 7.1 2.8 mm, while the blocks still orsi.

Again and again as the power effects that quickly before, the compression ratio is made a sufficient safety: which headcylinder sized 2.8 7.1 mm, were still orsi block. Abide by the standard manufacturer certainly not impossible. Because the fuel and oxygen that flows going missing. Not qualified. His successor is
Mikuni 34. | Ogy

Carburetor: Mikuni PJ 34, MAIN JET: 162, JET PILOT: 58, RATIO: Kitaco, CDI: Satria 120, exhaust: YY Pang Malaysia, FINAL GEAR: 13-40 (201 M) and 15-37 (402 M).