Yanuar Israwan commander WRM (Warior Modification) from Surabaya never make motorcycles had air suspension. And this time, again inspired by the technology of the car was re-applied to the Legend of Ika Irawan.

Motor with air suspension is still rare to adopt, at least in Surabaya. Hence the common man addressed this Iwan kekeuh to adopt him. "I'll be up the display," said the man was 33 years.

And for the modifier of the call Cak ngetop in this War, it's not something difficult. "Because ever made, so installation time is so much easier. Most of difficulty in the procurement of materials," says builder who opened shop on Jl. South Demak IV, No. 50, Suroboyo this.

Understandably, practically difficult because some of the materials used such as hydraulic ass got from a flea market. Know it ethical hunting goods at a flea market, got a lot of patience. But, after hunting, could also ultimately desired hydraulic pretentious. "That ex-factory machinery," pointed Cak War.

In addition to hydraulic, other raw materials for the stringing of air suspension is the compressor. Where the function to create the air pressure on sokbreker. For that deliberately sought a compressor which is not too large dimensions. Because he will be placed in centerbone. And the choice finally fell on a car's air conditioning compressors Suzuki Carry which was his being cute, fitted fill centerbone area.

Setelah complete all the ingredients to get, go to the installation step. AC compressor that changes the function of a compressor is driven by the wind which is connected to a magnetic belt machine. So, when the machine is turned on, the compressor directly participate in function.

"So, the compressor had been in charge of filling the wind on the tube that has been installed under the seat. The wind on the tube is then channeled to the hydraulic pretentious," beber Cak War.

All of it is controlled using a switch. That way, the height of pretentious to airsuspensi it can also be arranged.

Views are now also in change of the total. From the front sampeyan be fooled into thinking that this is Honda Beat skubek lho. "But this only created a new holder," said Iwan of the owner.


Front tire: 80/90-17 Swallow
Rear tire: 80/90-17 Swallow
Rim: Custom
Calipers: Brembo
Airs next: Posh
Swing-arm: Hand Made
Exhaust: Hand Made
WRM: (031) 71705420