SPESIFIKASI Yamaha Xeon 125, Yamaha Mio 2010

About Yamaha Xeon (or we call Mio 125), please refer to the recent post. Now we will discuss it’s specifications. Many informations below refer to the specification of Yamaha Mio 125 which has also discussed by many bikers in Thailand. It’s really a motorcycle which has more powerful engine, the practicality of a scooter, so that excellent for tight city traffic.

The new 125cc Yamaha Mio is powered by a 124cc, liquid-cooled, SOHC 2-valve, 4-stroke engine. While the engine is surely an upgrade in technology, Yamaha didn’t use fuel-injection for there latest scooter, the Yamaha Mio 125 is equipped with a Mikuni BS26 carburettor. With the use of specialized air-filters, high-compression ratio, and shaped combustion chamber Yamaha is able to meet the latest Thai emission standards. The Thai emission standards are actually higher then we find in most countries around the world.

"In addition stylis, Xeon dilengakpi also excellent feature that is DiAsil Cylinder. Technology is working to keep the engine condition remained stable while driving. In addition, more economical fuel consumption and resistance to friction is greater," said Dyonisius Beti, President Director of PT YMKI through the launch scooters in Jakarta, Friday (30 / 4).

Another advantage is that most brand-new generation of piston engines in the range of automatic scooter Yamaha was using forged pistons. "The piston was made by forging process, making it more robust, lightweight and durable," explained Dyon.

While in the process of combustion, Xeon equipped throttle position sensor technology. The device serves to set the ignition timing of spark plugs. As a result, the combustion process is also running perfectly. Meanwhile, for setting the temperature to remain stable Xeon equipped with a radiator that uses a liquid coolant.

"With a series of innovations in engine technology that, then we use the tagline extraordinary performance, powerful, sporty, and stylish for the Xeon," I Dyon.

Vincent Mulyono, Marketing Director of PT YMKI added, the company is optimistic Xeon manajamen able to compete in the motorcycle market homeland. "Besides having a competitive advantage not shared by competitors, a technology that is mentioned earlier. Niche markets being targeted are also very big," I am he.

Vincent is a niche market is a scooter enthusiasts in the 125 cc class but want more power than the workers who sprayed by a variant of 125 cc automatic scooter on the market today.

"Principals, we have conducted a study and a series of research, so that power generated this scooter on top of existing scooter," said Vincent.

Alluding to sales targets, PT YMKI pegged the sale of 20-25 thousand units per month or 300 thousand units per year. About booking online, he admitted his side view the use of the internet today has become a staple of society.

The newest Yamaha Mio 125 did get some ‘useful’ gadgets, which include a remote starter, which works from about 6 to 7 meters (we normally not care about gadgets like this). Lucky none of the creature comforts of a scooter have been sacrificed, either, with the Yamaha Mio 125.

Yamaha Xeon 125 will come soon to beat other competitors in the automatic class. Many blogger have reported their observation, relating to the 44D product code which has been registered by Yamaha Indonesia to Indonesian government. Well,. here are some pics and specifications of the Yamaha Xeon 125, which also known as Yamaha io 125 2010. In Thailand it introduced in the name of Mio 125.The pic above is the photo of Yamaha Mio 125 which has already sold in Thailand. The pic to be match with the pic which also be published by some one who comment on . According to the post, here is the skecth of Yamaha Xeon (which guessed as 44D code product):