SPESIFIKASI Minerva Sachs R150VX

SPESIFIKASI Minerva Sachs R150VX
Minerva Sachs claimed R150 VX probably going to be the 7th generation since the emergence of tinerva R150 by PT Minerva Motor Indonesi (MMI). The new product concept of motor sport with German technology was featured with a variety of changes.

Even a day before the launch of Minerva Sachs R150 VX at Commerce Center Building JIEXpo-Kemayoran Jakarta, , the Em-Plus can be the first opportunity to feel besutan this type of sport touring. Sory, yes!

Worth is recognized, when he saw it was a lot of detail changes proffered R150 VX. Although when considered in more detail, from the front cover of this output glance like Minerva R200 which first emerged.

Then when climbing ride height is 1650 mm, first seen in the rearview mirror position R150 VX already fused with fairing, alias no longer perched on the handlebars like a generation before 4625testminerva

Not only that, the head lamp is equipped with two-lamp projector model. Sein side by side with the LED lights integrated fairing. These changes make the look more classy Minerva.

Especially where the dashboard behind the fairing large dimensions. As we were crouching position, panels rpm, speed, battery indicator can inform gasoline and motor speed, engine rpm, and the other part is clear.

Unfortunately for the posture of the body with approximately 165 cm in height, this ride seems to be a nightmare. Because tip-toes are forced to tiptoe feet, this is to keep the motor in order to remain standing upright.

so but landed in the seats and the handlebar grip really feels genuine sports motorcycle. Moreover, more crouched position handlebar clamp design of the tank plus a larger, more stable when riding.

Once the starter button is pressed, the voice of 144.662 cc engine that came out of the exhaust pipe clad aluminum directly thundered. Unfortunately when the gear lever is pressed, including less smooth. Especially when a gearshift to the top-speed as well as when returning to neutral position in the motor quiet.

Fortunately the motor with maximum torque of 10.0 was easily Nm/7.500 rpm acceleration. Although to reach top-speed, a little bit slow. Perhaps influenced by setting a light overdrive to keep the power rpm for fast no wimp.


Minerva Sachs R150VX different from the generation of Minerva R150 or 150R which he said was in the 6th level. Although much different, but technically remain in a cylinder capacity of 150 cc with bore and stroke specifications 61mm x 49.5 mm (144.662 cc).

Even the engine one cylinder four-stroke oil cooler, chassis deltabox, plus the swing-arm monosok box model. It's just overall more futuristic design with a notch sharper body. Shown in the form of the front fairing, tank, seat, stern rear license plate holder, and place the Italian styling.

So also other features. Sein LED lights such as the placement outside the fairing. Accordance with regulations in Europe that the lights in the near Sein no headlights. Even the style projector headlights claimed much brighter than the previous type. And if look at the indicator panel model, the impression is big cc sports bike so thick. The reason this ride is equipped rpm indicator, speed indicator also gasoline.

The model gives a big tank on top of foot space clamping frame. Function when where the accident occurred, the tank capacity of 12 liters to give the defense to keep the foot secure.


Length: 1910 mm
Width: 652 mm
Wheelbase: 1268 mm
Maximum load: 150 kg
Front suspension: Upside down
Front tire: 80/90-17
Rear tire: 100/80-17
Compression: 9.2: 1
Maximum power: 5.9 Kw/9500 rpm (12 739 HP)
Dental transmission: 5 speed
Clutch: Wet, multiplate
Battery: 12V / 7 Ah