SPESIFIKASI Kanzen Scudetto 125

Kanzen skutik population 125 fewer Scudetto. In fact, he very rarely seen on the streets. Now, if you see this Kanzen which has been modified by Ma'riful Arif from Lamongan, East Java, as a present for the birth of their first son named Ahmad Aqil Athoillah.

Hence, below deck on the side is written "baby project". "To cutomizing special need, can not have skutik other applications," said Ayik, Ma'riful familiar call, about a gift for his son's motorcycle.

In terms of appearance, the most striking changes seen in the decline of the rear axle. The concept is treated the same as in other skutik. "Only, the model is different because the unique design of the Scudetto," he added.

In order for strong joints, he uses a pipe as thick as 1 cm. Ayik also add a round iron so that part is completely safe.

From there, Ayik to revamp the body. This is where the soul of his art stand out, but also a little nyeleneh. For example, single-seat model. If all this people who wear seat in front, he was quite the contrary. So, instead used a single seat to be placed in the rear position.

This concept of forcing Ayik must design in the front seat of his own body. Constrained and low-sloping shape and a single pull of the stern. This sloping design reinforces the reverse flow of low rider axle, plus a selection of handlebar height mo