SPESIFIKASI Ducati Monster 1100 Titanium

Motocrose, companies that manufacture aftermarket components for motor sport type to introduce the newest creations Titanium Ducati Monster 1100. Addition of the last word is clear, if streetfighter homemade Italian motorcycle manufacturer that has been used light taupe metallic materials.

The use of titanium, in addition to changing the look even more grim, as well as the mechanical sector. But the estuary from the use of this source, none other than reducing the weight and make it more gahar motor performance.

Monster Titanium black berkelir combined red and titanium has reduced the weight to 156 kg. In addition to the above material, some sections also use carbon fiber.

As reported autoevolution.com, more than 60 components have replaced the standard Ducati. Like titanium exhaust pipe with 54 mm Evoluzion Motocrose name. Dimodifikasidengan machine was already produces power from 102.6 the previous HP 95 HP with 113 Nm of torque (103 Nm).

To compensate for the ferocious power of the engine, the system also enhanced the rate freeze again. For brake discs made of composite ceramic materials with a diameter of 320 mm. Kalipernya brand piston Brembo Racing and titanium.

Front Gapu aluminum Marchesini, including the following velgnya and a set of bolts and nuts are made from titanium. about the price, is not mentioned.