MODIFIKASI Yamaha Vixion

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Vixion

Here are some modified Yamaha Vixion pics posted by Syachrul Ibrachim. He has made some modification on his 2008 Vixy. He use 2,5″ and 3,5″ for front and rear wheel. He also change it’s oiginal tyre with Batlax BT 45 140/70/17 for rear tyre and Swalow 120/70/17 for front tyre. Other modifications he made are: up side down shock absorber, double front disc, Yamaha racing bar, and banana style arm.

such as posture Daniel Marshall to 1.90 meters tall making it difficult Depok residents riding the V-Ixion. Hence, the type of motor sport from garputala was submitted to modifikator Gandul 2Wheel Custom (G2C), Ward is known to specialists to make the body of the metal plate.

To elevate the body, of which addressed the legs first. Steps taken by Ward to rewind the wheel axis of 7 cm. how, by installing cardboard sleeve ayunbaru G2C with models like moge.
"The difference is that the arm copotan moge waste, under the framework of the V-Ixion
width must also participate," said Ward. What's next sokbreker removable models upside down from Cagiva. Once installed on komstir, direct quasi-Mito more stalk.

Another goal set back axle, to offset the body that would be swell. Like the body behind the plate Galvanized 0.8 mm was formed more tapered. Dimensions, Ward said the same as the Kawasaki Ninja 250 let baseball greatness.

For fairing, Ward up to two times instead of models. First, take a motive Yamaha R6, Daniel was less liked. Aprilia RS125 finally agreed a new model.
Daniel was happy and not bother anymore to ride a Yamaha V-ixionnya

Data Modifikasi:

Yamaha Vixion Tahun 2008, Pelek Power depan lebar 2,5″ belakang 3,5″, Ban Belakang Batlax BT 45 140/70/17 depan Swalow 120/70/17, Up Side Down made in Taiwan untuk motor cross, dauble front disc, Master Original Vixion, Kaliper RX King, Stang Yamaha Cross, Headlamp Supra X 125, Arm Model Banana