Vega amaha considered the most economical and versatile duck in 105 cc class. But the mainstay garputala means playing in the entry level could not be invited berkarapan. In the hands of veteran tuner tuner-Japan Motor Sidoarjo, Vega made a scourge on the track racing straight contest.

"Use Vega to make it profitable dragbike. Part racingnya can perawatannyapun dikanibal and affordable, "I'm Great Unyil Motor jockey Japanese team. To prove it, Vega is intentionally setup Z Jupie make rival the legendary figure of regionally-based team Mayjend Sungkono road, Sidoarjo.

"In fact, we would terjunkan Vega was in the cub 4 stroke 200 cc engine," explains Doni Aqwinu, tunner as well as the Japanese team manager Motors.

The more plates in a track 201 M Vega compressed compression engine. The way the engine capacity jacked after the piston diameter of 62 mm Tiger stuffed into the cylinder space Vega. Avoiding the overhead machine room, let the standard Vega engine compression.

"To create a contrived piston compression height on the wall about 1 mm. Dibubut also part of piston edge formed around the stupa. Special roof added coakan 2 mm piston as Tiger's valve space that has a character similar to the Tiger machine, "he explained.

Gede compression followed oelh electrical system is perfect. The result was asked Doni's coil which is supported by YZ 125 CDI BRT I Max.

At the inlet cylinder, which is also a former racer tunner is around 1.5 mm following meremer hole burning residual waste dump so perfect. As the choice of free flow exhaust pipe by the NRP as a sniper tricks.

"Design is more sloped and long neck with silincer just 19 cm. Filter using honeycomb model that could maximize combustion is wasted, "said regionally-based tunner Mayjend Road Sungkono Sidoarjo.

Noken designed as obese with a peak noken shorter than orinya. The solution part in and outnya dikepras 1.5 mm. Keihin served fresh gas supply of SP 28. "In order to fit the needs of the combustion chamber, the karbu kuseting 118 main jet and pilot jet 68 to avoid overheat," he continued.

Increasingly heavy Avgas fuel mixture is certainly capable of reaching the top speednya power. Ngacir increasingly so in the distance 201 M with 9.6 seconds of time after transmission gear device also changed. Composition, gear ratio of 14/37 I wear, tooth II 16/27, III 21/28 and gear tooth wear 22/23 IV. Result front and back wearing gear 13-34.