MODIFIKASI Yamaha Jupiter-Z Next-G

Motor duck modified so skutik but bodinya bongsor (large). However, Johanes Hanafi duet from the X-16 home modifications and Tomy Tomy Gunawan from the remodel Airbrush Yamaha Jupiter-Z was named by them as the Next-G. The shape is almost similar to jetsky.

The concept of Next-G unique numbered. There are two major jobs created both before Jupiter-Z so Next-G model. According to John, affairs of the body it is responsible, while the machinery worked Tomy. Essentially, they work together.

John recognized that Jupiter is not easy to inflate body. Breket have retained the original and some are strengthened, especially the front and rear must be calculated so that a large body of scooter can go.

After that, the construction of the handle body dimensions nose front changed because Next-G is sharp and wide. Thereby also be applied when working on the back. Dipapas frame and redesigned according to length and width dimensions of the middle and rear.

Not to mention the elbow so that the plate connect with a new tail load can be arrested. Baseball body changes how it refers to the Next-G. Noteworthy, a transmission system that worked Tomy. When the machine is turned on, in cash automatically into a single tooth. Unfortunately, when asked to the crew of the X-16 and Tomy nobody could explain how to operate the gearshift Next-G