MODIFIKASI Yamaha Jupiter MX135LC

n a modification, whether car or bike, there should not be infringed grip, adopted in accordance with the flow. May be flawed, as long as its importance for the exhibition. As dilakoni Bona from Louth, South Sumatra to the Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC 2007.

Modification of the flow of this motorcycle very clearly, drag bike. This option because it looks muscular and splashy. No one did, the figure of Jupiter changed sangar, let alone supported by the use of color to the body fit.

Unfortunately, the concept of fighting a short distance racing is not done wholeheartedly. Both the choice of variety, especially more suitable modifications to the style called racing style. "Yes indeed it was conscious, but not what is important-something that racing," Bona defense.

Look bodinya design, to drag did not like that. "As for the road as well, then the head mounted lamp from Nouvo-Z's cooler," continued this small man. The most striking fact sporty impression, especially from the side of the handlebars which is taken from the X1-R that do not enter Indonesia.

There was one which had practically the same if Bona make roads as well, namely muffler design. Keren's, car mufflers installed end of Remus. If for drag may not be a problem, it is very dangerous if dibesut on the highway. There are definitely stuck sleeping policemen.

Whereas, undertail already using tail design, will be more sip if the tip exhaust pipe sticking in the passage. Apart from safety, too much force.

At Jupiter MX was baseball only body that gets a new screen from Sikkens, but also a rim. By coating the paint like this makes the standard rim to look special. Bona even have more ideas, color front and rear rim made different. What nonsense


Front tire: 90/80-17 FDR

Rear tire: 110/70-17 Delitire

Front disc: Racing One

Disc rear: Jupiter MX 135LC

Front caliper: Brembo

Master brake: Kitaco

Upside down: Variations Thailand

Handlebar: X1-R

Swing-arm: Custom

Footstep: Yoshimura