There are two very special and brave of modification categorized by Hans Suzuki Spin the House of Han's Motors (HM). First, skutik more often made ATV (all terrain vehicle). Second, skutik contrived so trike, not a lot. "Even as I recall the new one in Yogyakarta, so I work on trike," said Hans.

Hans claimed his rush. The idea of making this trike to see a presenter and pesinetron Raffi Ahmad. Skutiknya was devastated by the accidental collision then be made tricycle. Only, his work could not retreat. "While I was just relying on the direct rotation of the engine. It took an additional charge if you want to be back," he explained.

Electric starter system is triggered flows directly from the bobbin. no longer prisoners or storage in the battery. Collision time, recalls Hans, the condition of the cable so erratic baseball. Celebration, felt for making electrical conditions return to normal.

There is still used as a basic shift from two wheel to three, especially to drive the front wheel to the right and left that lightly. Here Hans chose to use because the Suzuki Carry a small arm and the response to move the tire more quickly.

Pretty perfect for cultivating the body. Can-Am Spyder model (a three wheel had Raffi) contrived so minimalist. View front close to Can-Am Spyder. The main task of Hans, how his trike that can Mundu