MODIFIKASI Suzuki Skywave 2007

MODIFIKASI Suzuki Skywave 2007
For an entrepreneur who Cetu distro clothing, appearance certainly be the focus of attention. Not only fashion, but that a friend of slang skubek must have appeared to support. no standard. "You just have to match the clothes that I sell in the store," said I Gede Artaya, complete name Cetu.

Once reviewed, harmonious with the appearance of everyday is the flow of hot rod. Jump deh, Thinq TC cycles) as a modifier of HD which again invaded skubek avid game modifications. "Because for matters like this style doi meticulous and detail can be. Enunciated of the HD community," confident Cetu.

Because of that comes a Suzuki Skywave, any Thing that TC direct boss has a crazy idea. "Body Skywave large compared to other skubek indeed match the style of hot rod. Bit changes certain to be directly okay," said Thinq.

For example for the rear wheels. Xtreme fairly wide use, 8.5 inches. "As a result, had to retreat far enough, about 30 cm," continued this big builder.

Skywave different systems with non-Suzuki skubek. "It must be more powerful. Because the default connection looks weak compared to other brands," continued this mustachioed man.

Because the system was created with a combination of seamless pipe 1-inch thickness of 3.5 mm with a metal plate. "If other skubek could just use a pipe, but Skywave should be strengthened with iron plates,

The metal plate had to link up the two pipes. The thickness of plates used 2 mm. With this construction, safety or the safety level is guaranteed by the workshop headquarters on Jl. Skein of Badung, No. 98X, Denpasar.

Meanwhile, in front of the use of four-inch wide rim also force re-making a triangle. "We made repeated with a width of 22 cm and 2 cm thick, so strong. It feels safe and can be drilled oblique to the front entrance pretentious" cuap this friendly guy.

"Sure, we change the design becomes more sloping front tomorrow. Therefore triangle also drilled at a slight angle," added the leader of these four employees.

Meski still standard but because it made it look more fitted tilted to the flow of hot rod. Slope reaches 54 degrees. This condition is indeed result in reduced turning radius so far when compared to standard conditions.

Harmonization also created with the model already adopted the model handlebars ape hanger. "That made his own special technique. Of course, so the results remain smooth and neat," proudly Thinq. It looks as high as 60 cm wheel is fitted in skubek 125 cc.

This workshop uses stainless pipe material and diameter of 1 inch thickness of 2.5 mm. "Essentially when ngeroll or create buckling, cultivated in every curve was still smooth and neat," said builder is tattooed.

"Before the bend, a pipe inserted into the soft sand until solid, after which it then formed or bent," his message to share knowledge.


Front rim: Custom 4x14 inches
Front tire: 140/60-14 Swallow
Rear rim: 8.5 x14 inches Custom
Rear tire: 160/60-14 Dunlop
Rear suspension: Custom rigid
TC: (0361) 7495632