ustom chooper british existing in the minds of the popular Adi Semara Clady addressed. Unfortunately the motor base that he had only a '87 Honda GL.

"But not a barrier, all change imaj manufacturer standards can be used as a mini chooper with the flow of British," whispered the owner of the address at Jl. Br Celuk Sukawati, Denpasar, Bali.

So order estedenya ransacked, the most notable original engine subframe is left holders. Medium sub-chassis to the rear is made rigid with a steel pipe which is used as a swing arm as well.

In order to correct a flashlight, a simple technique used chassis assembly with a rope pendulum only, but the results are so amazing. Mini chooper CUS concept of base motor manufacturers, many standard parts are picked.

GL reshuffle carried out by the crew XK Pro Bike Design, Wawang Cool, which already ngelotok in question alter the body with fiberglass. Remarkably, his work was a combination bulldog with streetfighter West Java Style (WJS). Here'll enjoy shape and taper as the texture contour strokes. Its main characteristics, firm Wawang, contour rectangle and tend to taper as well as a full shroud covering the body down to the front.

WJS viscous characteristics of the small tank was still strong against the GL Pro. Interestingly, fuel storage design is unique, which is like the rhinoceros horn. More specifically, such as handrails on rodeo horse. In the tank was not just a variation, its function as a filter funnel.

Do not disturb while driving. Indeed, using the handlebars straight model only 80 cm long, its easier handling. Material using the Indonesian Steel Tube Work.

Another interesting creations, try lyrics taillights. With a sweet short tail lights of the Honda used the CS-1 is appropriate and fitting. Not just a sweetener, but still functional and have aesthetic. Unfortunately, bulldog GL Pro is changing the nature to be selfish, without being able to carry passengers.

The second example is taken from the rim circumference Honda Tiger, and a round tank that was taken from DKW made another bracket and new grooves. Fixed special articles every detail is done carefully, such as suspension taken from Astra Honda 100.

wrap re-shape with an iron pipe up to a modern classic look, let alone a model Z-Bar handlebars on it, very custom. Finishing also be a supporting element. Paint color orange Fund dimotif with Indian Larry style graphics, paint type is still sown candytone gliter effects to emphasize luxury. Really fit with the underside of a full-chrome plated. : Neo / Roel / DNR

Spec modif
Sok DPN: Astra 100, swingarm: Rigid, rim: Tiger 18-inch, BAN: IRC 275 & 110/80/18 Bridgestone Excedra, Body: Custom, KARBU: PE 28, TANK: DKW, exhaust: Custom, handlebar: Z-Bar, FILTER: TDR, GAS: RPM, BRUSHER: Custom Paint scoop Jl. Jackfruit, OLD 1 month, modifier: Dollar Custom Garage Celuk Sukawati 0361298270 br.