MODIFIKASI Binter Merzy 1983

MODIFIKASI Binter Merzy 1983
Arief, who are also musicians from Bandung this entrepreneur used to live in a perfectionist. MMC's senior-Outsiders Board is also unwilling responsibility if MODIF. That was evidenced in this beloved merzy.

Travel MODIF relatively long. In the '91 has a total taxable Destroy. All stripped stay order, then contact Painter famous Bandung, Mr. Tuteng who is now deceased. "Mr. Tuteng specialist motorcycle painting class. Also legendary with pin action strip.

A matter of style, this flamboyant bad guy embracing style of '70-style motorcycle manufacturers. "That's my taste. First, the principle should be comfortable and functional motor then I point out the factory as if new, original standard engine, original chassis and no dempulan.

He also keukeuh ensure Japanese style in this motorcycle motor. That is, behavior modifnya forbidden to imitate others, especially motorcycles Harley-Davidson that often imitated the people KZ 200.

he then term Vintage Classic. "But his name should be there MODIF personal ego in it. So scabby integrated with modern legs to compensate for the classic form, "Bro said that humor was hooked.

Shape resembles a standard Meguro Kawasaki felt through choice tank, seat design and other knacks. At first a thought chrome tank but he changed his mind because it will be harmful glare and when riding.

"I see also the style of 70s-era motor played a lot of black and given a minimalist striping. I would labur with Sikkens paint rubber covers plus original side of the tank, "he explained.

Choice fell on Suzuki GSX750 rim complete with a front fork, triangle top disc down the disc as well.

Continue talking details. "Writing under the shell Kawasaki headlight do not let loose. Most matching pairs of lights accompanied by an original Yamaha Scorpio Sein Kawasaki Eliminator. "Stand order to turner from aluminum and plugged into the pretentious front. As for the back of buying in Polaris, Kebon Jeruk III. Then made the stand, "said one of the founding clubs in West Java this merzy.

Gas continues, Bro!


CDI: Original KZ 200 Hitachi
Speedometer: Kawasaki Ninja
Master brake: Tokico