MotoGP Pre-Season Preparation 2010 "Semakin Di Sepan " of New livery Fiat Yamaha Team

Logo " Semakin Di Depan " Yamaha YZR M1 Di MotoGP 2010

Auto-Modification-Fiat Yamaha team finally unveil the new bike YZR-M1 which will be used by Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo for MotoGP season in 2010. But is a unique livery for Yamaha Indonesia tagline is "The At Home" became one livery as well. Well pride is what he said would raise the name of Indonesia at the motor racing world.

True or not will bring up the name of Indonesia in the eyes of the world of motor racing, the definitive livery has been launched and will be there for one season ahead. Placement of writing itself was in the stern of the motor and arm wearpack both drivers. This is natural, considering that Yamaha could become the biggest contributor to sales of Yamaha from around the world.
The opening ceremony of the veil that made the Sepang circuit in Malaysia this morning, Thursday (04/02), did not show a drastic change in the basic colors The Fiat Yamaha team bike. Because their primary sponsor of Fiat, is still the biggest part is determining what colors they would like.

"We can not deny that global economic conditions makes the conditions we had decreased, but concentrations in MotoGP will assist us in this recovery. Especially last year Rossi and Lorenzo could be the best in the arena of MotoGP. By joining Yamaha Indonesia as a promotion, we expect the recovery process in the camps we run fast, "said Lin Jarvis as managing director of Yamaha Motor Racing.
In addition they launched a new motor for the 2010 season, Yamaha also introduced two new people in the camps Lorenzo, namely Wilco Zeelenberg as team manager Davide Marelli and as a data technician. And this will become an important part of Yamaha's plan to keep the competition season in 2010 under the control of the duo's great racer.