yamaha mio chopper mods
I do not know why yamaha mio in with a surprise call from the April Fool. because he was told of the news that automotive compass. Chopper on yamaha mio modification is unique surprises from modifikasi yamaha mio. modification of the motor and it took less than 6 months. in modifying this yamaha mio. modifier does not use the original order for the MODIF.MODIF YAMAHA MIO CHOPPER

but making the framework itself uses a tubular pipe with a diameter of 3 inches. instrument on this bike is also made unique. indicators of gasoline using a small bottle. yamaha mio rear suspension of the chopper was adopted from the waste per car. exhaust from this chopper yamaha mio sepatbord also hidden in the back with a very small pit. and for details you can see pictures of yamaha chopper modifications below.yamaha mio chopper modified
mio chopper april mop surprise