Motorsport Modification - Hot Motorcycle Ninja 125 Blue KRR

Ninja 150 KRR Modification - Hot MotorSport !! Great Custom Part on the muffler / Exhaust, great Stripping on the Kawasaki Motorcycle Fairing, yeah you can see that Kawasaki Monster Energy picture in there on the left front on the Fairing. I don't know what the tires used, but i thing this is not a Kawasaki Part standard edition, nice cast wheel with clean white color, yeah.. modification make look different with the original motorcycles part. This is awesome Kawasaki Ninja 150!!!

One thing that i understood with this sample Kawasaki Modification, you must look and keep clop with everything, design, performance, and of course your budget of money. If you have Kawasaki Ninja 150KRR, you can see and use this sample Ninja Modification, look more clean but very beautiful.