Modifikasi Extreme DragsterYamaha Mio

Hendry Abah's quite a daring courage just to satisfy her wild ideas. Imagine, people from Pontianak, West Borneo was to Yamaha Mio 2006 contrived so drag style motorcycle. In fact, the gene that Yamaha Scooter, means only the following engine CVT was in use.

"We did have the intention to make an extreme change. Therefore, all the search form is not yet available, especially in Pontianak," said Abah. Perhaps it as the breakthrough idea.

Dr. modify X workshop, was forced to make a new chassis. Desai is also Abah still groping. The emphasis, he said, look sturdy and safe.

For the chassis using two Premium pipe size. For the largest size of 5 cm in diameter used in the rear. Because, besides its function as a place to sit, also handles the machine.

Another pipe, 3 cm in diameter with 3 mm thick for the front because the function and not as heavy load behind. Consideration of these two measures in order to remain pleasing to the eye and not too heavy.

Because without the cover body, in order to reduce the bare pipe, then in the middle of the constrained fit fuel tank 3-liter power. Suspension also completely revamped, to have retreated back 20 cm, rear self-moved. "Our position was placed in the middle of a bit to sleep. Construction is believed to be suitable for such body present," Abah said.

So also for the front. Rely upside down with a slightly tilted position. That way, added a rider's position Abah fit. Hollywood drag really.