Fairing Yamaha Vixion Sport 2010

Yamaha Motor Company (YMC) as a principle Yamaha make special modifications. This work is on display in Jakarta Motorcycle Show (JMS) in 2008 which took place 6-13 December 2008. Change of Yamaha V-Ixion was a booth attraction PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI). V-Ixion modif version is named V-II by using the fairing.

Fairing Yamaha Vixion Sport 2010FAIRING YAMAHA VIXION SPORT

Fairing Yamaha Vixion Sport 2010
Actually, dress V-II's mass produced in India. --- Endro 575yamaha-2.jpgFairing issued in 2007 was used Yamaha R15. Type R15 is a sports version of the injection of 150 cc Yamaha fairing wear.
Fairing Yamaha Vixion Sport 2010But, V-II was not just dirty clothes R15. Because the necessary

Fairing Yamaha Vixion Sport 2010 adjustments, the design of V-II clothes more ciamik. Suit design V-II refers to the concept of small cc sport bike. All worked closely and smoothly. Nah there are parts that seem oversized aka space. Compact and dense so the power of the V-Ixion modif so V-II.

--- Endro 576yamaha-3.jpgSecara details, clothes fairing V-II-like moge Yamaha R6 and R1. Look ahead of the R1 and R6 nuances behind there. But, its dimension is reduced and the curves follow the basic V-Ixion.

In fact there was so applicable section. Nose V-II as closed, without a head lamp. Actually, that trick alone. After the light-577yamaha --- endro 4.jpgdepan activated, automatically opens the motor nose. "One moves up and the two parts move to the right and left," said Hideto Kawamura, Marketing Advisor, PT YMKI.

The question is, will the V-II models sold in Indonesia? "This is just a prototype. We just want to know wrote a response in the Indonesian visitors. If the same make dengn R15 is not necessarily suitable for the market in Indonesia, " Kawamura.