BIKE Profile - DUCATI Hypermotard 1100S

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Hypermotard 1100S

  • Type: Supermotard
  • Engine: desmodromic L Twin - Dual Spark
  • Capacity: 1078cc
  • Power: 95 hp / 8750 rpm torque 106 nm / 8500 rpm
  • Tire Size: Front 120/17 rear 180/55

Ducati Hypermotard: Heavy Weight Stunt Monkey

Maybe we are not familiar with the figure Hypermotard. But at least this motor has become a major star in the blockbuster comedy film starring Jim Carey (Yess Men). These motor-based 1100Ds Multistrada / SDS but in a lighter configuration and loose forward performance. Small tank and weight of the motor is located in the middle.

Riding Character

This motor is very lightweight and has great torque. countless driving position is very upright, so not tiring the rider. Stang high motor driving the motor implies ENDURO. But small tanky make this motor does not go far and should be close to pombensin. Not a problem because none other than the Hypermotard motorcycle Supermotard heavyweight match dioprasikan like street fighter. Conditions for the rider and the Hypermotard is not a lot of just one, that is above 170cm in height, that's all!


Hypermotard motorcycles should not have as many variants of accessories other than those issued by Ducati. But things happened otherwise. Accessories Hypermotard it very much. Section Hypermotard platform suitable modifications made!