Extreme suzuki Skywave

Have you see this one?
the great modification come from indonesia.

Modification with low rider style is never ending. Suzuki Skywave 2008 Sulistioes’ properties that worked on Chrome’s Ton’s (this TC’s for example, Really impressive. There are some part that jut and Can be said rather new. For example, Rim in front of and Hind model custom cross bean according Chandra’s Antonius, The TC’s skipper, be favorite of american low rider communities.

The cross bean have five model with wide palm, In front of 5 inches and Hind 7 inches. Then, Finishing with chrome. But, Jut from this modification Harley-Davidson’s nuance.

Liking sepatbor in front of wide model. Pity, Part under it not complete with lip makes for captor water. So also sepatbor hind slopes. Second this part uses lamelli ingredient measures 8 mm.
And also muffler at neck part, There’s only one pipe and Reaching middle wich is cracked in two up to the end. Part is share in two given cover with ingredient with perforated motive. Afterward it is finished by chrome. There are still more HD’s nuance, That is handlebar is made wide model. But, Antonius has calculated pipe diameter that worn, Fit he said 25 mm. Third sector, Begining from rim, Muffler, Up to handlebar, Processeding full chromium. With neat process and Detail this is undoubted when Sulistio’s property Skywave’s Suzuki beat contest as the best at Otobursa’s arena 2009.