Riding Tip

Heh Heh Heh. Sorry, couldnt resist the punny title, er funny title.

**This one especially applicable to current Yamaha R15/Apache RTR 160 Fi riders, and to future Ninja 250R/other Supersport riders**

Sit comfortably and plush on the machine (Sport machines are known for discomfort, believe me you dont have to try too hard to get uncomfy, so its better to not push it by accentuating it ourselves with bad technique), bit close to the tank (unless you're on a track and need to crouch behind the screen every few seconds), free yourself, which means keep reminding yourself your ass is NOT stuck to the seat with Fevicol/Kwick and CAN move around as required (especially for corners and high speed braking). DONT CROUCH the back too much when riding normally, (Tigers crouch, Dragons Hide, Humans, er ride, and some make a fool of themselves trying to pretend they look cool crouching down riding at snails pace with a bike that has clip on bars). Hold the bars normally, dont lock the wrist, elbow, shoulder, ALL SHOULD BE FREE to move around as and when required, thats what separates a Rider from a perennial "trying to ride". Let the elbow act as a fulcrum at times, (a better way to put it, hold the bars at a VERY large angle V for the elbows, see the way Riding Jackets are designed at the elbows?)

Once you've done that to the point of doing it in your sleep without having to remind yourself, its time to turn the key and thumb the starter while waiting for the next lesson.... Soon.