Royal Enfield Thunderbird - Old meets New!

Went out for a little spin the other day on REs newest offering, the Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twin Spark. A very bold move by RE who are inadvertantly going down the Harley route of trying to mix retro with next gen tech, but how much old world charm have they retained while trying to add modern ergonomics and styling with the legendary name? Lots. Apparently. Being the cameraman I couldnt be a part of the pics (as usual), but then you'd rather see the 2 good looking babes than an ugly ol geezer right? Enjoy...

Now, Ive already posted a couple of things on it in my earlier posts (including pics), which you will find HERE But here's how it compares with the first gen TBird (2002). Which came with pretty much nothing except the lighter engine, disc brakes, left side gears, and decent styling. It was however a path-breaking venture considering the shift from erstwhile hangovers towards something new. The platform in itself was fuel efficient and smooth, faster and more reliable as well. Ive already done a review on both (browse the archives please!), but here's a photoshoot of the elder bro and the faster, fuel efficient, chromed younger sibling:

Two of my buddies discussing the nifty lil details separating old from new:

My exhaust is custom, the bars on mine are from the RD350, the Twin Spark is of course completely stock. The most glaring difference (not in the pics), is the free revving zippy feel from the engine, the brakes too give better feedback, seating is plush and a shade above the first gen too. Goes to show that one CAN improve on a good product as well! 20+hp is of course a nice little number to play with as well.